JTS & Co. VS National Lenders

Who Is JTS & Co.?


Started in 1996, JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals began doing various types of home loans for Mississippi, and Alabama. Our founder, Jeff Farnham, started the company with the goal of helping everybody become a homeowner.


Our office is located only six miles from the Columbus Air Force Base. As our founder is an Air Force veteran, we have been engaged in VA loans for over twenty-seven years. Making the mortgage process a smooth process for all clients is a priority to us.


Why Use Local?


Using a local lender gives you a leg up in the home buying experience. They can give you personalized advice while they consider your interests when making decisions. Also, we are members of the community, just like you, and we want to see our community prosper with homeowners flooding the market.


Although, national lenders may be able to give you lower prices by offering discount points. However, here’s their secret: they make up for those points in higher costs hidden in the loan. Local lenders are not as focused as making a profit as they recognize you as a person rather than a number in their pipeline. JTS & Co. uses multiple lending companies to ensure that you are getting the best deal. We consider your needs and goals when helping you get the right loan.


JTS & Co. prides itself on having top-notch customer service. You will talk to the same people every time (without waiting hours in a queue listening to elevator music.) It is one of the main reasons our customers keep coming back and telling their friends about us.


JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals have been chosen as the best mortgage lender in the Golden Triangle Region for the past twelve consecutive years! If you prefer to watch videos or seek knowledge about the mortgage process, visit WCBI every Tuesday on our YouTube channel for our segment of the Mortgage Minute.


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