Mortgage Myths

Getting a mortgage is a very big step in life and you want to be well informed when getting one. JTS & Co. is here to debunk the common mortgage myths for you!


Myth #1: You must have a 20% down payment.


This is a long-believed myth that simply is not true. Several of our loan programs offer a low-down-payment option or a NO down payment option. Requirements vary based on programs so please consult your lender to see specifics.


Having a 20% down payment is a good option. That large down payment removes the mortgage insurance premium off your loan.


Myth # 2: Pre-qualification is loan approval.


Pre-qualification is a preliminary look at all of your information to see what you are eligible for. Having a pre-qualification letter when looking at homes shows that you have a good chance at getting the loan but is not a guarantee.


Myth #3: You cannot pay off your mortgage early.


You can make an additional payment each year to shorten your payment period. On a traditional 30-year loan, you can make the 13th payment each year and finish the loan 4 years and 11 months sooner than you would without it.


Using your tax refunds for this additional payment would be a great use of the extra cash.


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