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    REVERSE MORTGAGE JTS & Co. offers reverse mortgage loans to customers throughout Mississippi and Alabama. We are located in Columbus, MS. Contact us today for a free consultation. REVERSE MORTGAGE BREAKDOWN A reverse mortgage loan or home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), is a type of home loan for homeowners who are 62 years and older. It allows the homeowner to access equity in their home in a single lump sum, a monthly cash advance, a line of credit or a combination of these methods. YOU STILL OWN YOUR HOME. Funds may improve monthly cash flow. ​ Proceeds from the Reverse Mortgage Loan can be used to refinance debt, settle unexpected expenses or supplement income. ​ ​ However, the Reverse Mortgage Loan must pay off any existing mortgages or liens at closing. ​ ​ Borrowers are responsible for property taxes homeowners insurance general maintenance and upkeep of the home ​ However, NO monthly mortgage payments are required. Click HERE to PRE-QUALIFY

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    LOAN TYPES Click the button above to pre-qualify. or Click each picture for loan information HOMESTYLE RENOVATION CONVENTIONAL Pre-Qualify FHA USDA VA

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    Reverse Mortgage FAQs JTS & Co. offers reverse mortgage loans to customers throughout Mississippi and Alabama. We are located in Columbus, MS. Contact us today for a free consultation. Q: Who is eligible for a Reverse Mortgage Loan? A: Homeowners age 62 years or older who have sufficient equity in their home. Q: How can I use the money from the reverse mortgage loan? A: The money can be used any way the homeowner sees fit, whether it's living expenses, home repairs/ improvements, prescriptions, or medical care. Many use the money to pay off or replace an existing mortgage and other debts, create a nest egg in case of unexpected expenses, supplement their retirement. The money can also simply act as some financial peace of mind. Q: Is it required for me make monthly payments on my reverse mortgage loan? A: A reverse mortgage loan has flexible payment options. Maintaining taxes, insurance, mortgage insurance fees and upkeep on the home is . Each situation is different. Call & Co. to talk through your options required JTS . Q: Will I still own my home? A: Yes. The homeowner retains title to the home, and you can live in it as long as you would like. you will have a loan against the property. Althoughthe loan does not have to be repaid until you leave or sell the home, you maintain taxes, insurance, mortgage insurance fees, upkeep on the home, and comply with the terms of your loan. However must Q: How can I receive my money? A: The homeowner may receive payment in a lump sum, a monthly cash advance, a line of credit, or a combination of all these options. Q: How much money will I get? A: The amount you receive is typically determined by your age, the total value of your home, and the equity in the home. Q: Will a reverse mortgage loan affect my government benefits? A: The funds from a reverse mortgage generally do not affect regular Social Security or Medicare benefits. , needs-based benefits, such as a , may be impacted. We can provide additional general information, but you should contact a financial professional or government benefits specialist about your particular situation. However Medicaid nd Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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    Purchase JTS & Co. offers mortgage loan options for customers throughout Mississippi and Alabama. We are located in Columbus, MS. Contact us today for a free consultation. Dreaming of owning a home is simple, yet there are a lot of questions when it comes to purchasing a home. From financing options, down payments, steps to take, and more, & Co. is here to answer your questions. ​ JTS Pre-Qualify! Click Here DOWNLOADABLE APPLICATION Our goal is to create lasting relationships with each and every client to provide excellent service for many years to come. and The & Co. name is trusted throughout the community. JTS To speak directly with an experienced mortgage advisor simply give us a call anytime. Feel free to utilize any of the interactive tools offered throughout the site. You can also text to 48421 to submit a prequal application. JTS We look forward to working with you!

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    CONVENTIONAL LOANS WHAT ARE LOANS? CONVENTIONAL Pre-Qualify Click Icon With a required minimal down payment of 5 percent, the conventional mortgage loan could be the right option for you and your family. ​ A conventional Loan option can be used to shorten the term, gain a better interest rate or simply cash out existing equity within the home. ​ We also offer additional expanded Conventional Mortgage Loan programs that requires a 3 percent down payment. FEATURES: Interest Rates with options of 10 year or up to 30 year terms. Fixed Closing Cost can be paid by the seller . with limitations Down Payments that are less than 20 percent will mortgage insurance. require Pre-Qualify Click Icon

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    Meet the Team Loan Officers Jeff Farnham President / Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS# 89796 Jeff was b orn and raised in McComb, Mississippi and is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a in Banking and Finance. He started & Co. in 1996 and has been unstoppable ever since. He is also a past president of the Mississippi Association of Mortgage Brokers, a past National Delegate for the state of Mississippi with the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and has served on the Board of Directors for MAMB as well as chaired the Legislative Committee. BBA JTS ​ Jeff is married to Stacy Farnham. They have children — Tyler and Tori, along with daughter-in-law Haley and grandson Jack, Tyler's wife and child. ​ He serves the community of Columbus, MS on the Board of Directors for Baptist Memorial Hospital, and he is also a past Chairman of the Board for the Columbus-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce and a past member of the Columbus Exchange Club. Jeff has been active with the services of Habitat for Humanity, Salt and Light, Fathers in the Field, Palmer Home and international missions. He is also a member of Fairview Baptist church in Columbus, MS. Jeff Farnham is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and a clear vision of what his company’s purpose is, has led to continuous growth for JTS & Co. Tyler Farnham Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS# 1450553 Tyler graduated from Mississippi State University in 2016 with his Bachelors in Business Administration. ​ Tyler has been with JTS & Co. since he was 3 years old. After watching his father run a successful company he decided to jump on board as a Loan Processor and has worked his way up to Mortgage Loan Originator. Today, Tyler oversees the technology infrastructure and enjoys helping customers start the mortgage loan process. Some of his greatest strengths are his determination and drive to satisfy our clients. With his sensitive attitude, he thrives on challenges—particularly those that are limited in time. He is a fast thinker and a persistent worker. When not in the office, Tyler is somewhere outside hunting or fishing. Tyler and Haley have a son, Jack. Courtney Wigley Operations Manager / Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS# 1062660 Courtney is passionate about helping our clients. She has a can-do attitude and does not take 'no' for an answer. She expertly guides her processing team to insure our clients reach the highest level of customer service. She works hard to make sure that as a company we will continually meet our motto of “Making Home-ownership Easy.” Courtney is excited to be a part of such an experienced and highly trained team of loan officers, processors and staff. Courtney has been with JTS & Co. since 2012. She started her career as a Loan Processor and worked her way up to Operations Manager. Krystal Jackson Loan Processor Krystal is from New Site, Mississippi. She has an eight-year-old son named Jaxon whom she adores. Krystal loves baseball, basketball and football, but she most enjoys playing those sports with Jaxon. In her spare time, she's usually reading, running, exercising or spending time with family. On occasion, she enjoys going to the beach or shopping. JTS & Co. is Krystal's first job in the mortgage profession world. She's been with the business since April of 2019. Meribeth Spruill Loan Processor Meribeth is from Columbus, Mississippi. ​ She likes to participate in activities such as riding four-wheelers, reading and shopping. Though, her favorite pastime is relaxing at home and being cozy. When she’s not home, her other favorite place is the beach. She also loves to help others when they are in need. ​ Meribeth enjoys spending time with her husband Andy and her son and daughter—Tayler and Gracelyn whom she loves dearly. ​ Meribeth has been with the JTS & Co. family since April 2020. Leslie Glover Loan Processor Leslie is from Columbus, Mississippi, and she is attending the Mississippi School for Women and studying to obtain a BBA in Accounting. ​ In her free time, she loves to catch up on the news and read about historical events. As for learning, she enjoys gaining knowledge about anything that interests her. ​ She is an outdoorsy person but only when she feels that the temperature is perfect, which is about 70 degrees. When she’s not outside riding four-wheelers or watching her son play sports, she loves to catch up with friends or help people. ​ She is married to Jimmy, and they have a son named Eli whom they love spending time with together as a family. ​ Leslie has been with the JTS & Co. family since May 2020. Krystal Knoop Account Executive / Marketing Director Born and raised in Columbus, MS Krystal graduated from Columbus High School. She enjoys spending time with her three children Colby, Logan, and Brooke. Her career as an Account Executive started in the cable advertising industry in 2000. ​ Krystal has been with JTS & Co. since 2017. She is very concerned with building solid referral partner relationships so that your mortgage loan process is as efficient and stress free as possible. Krystal works hard to make sure all parties involved are kept abreast of the process. Over the years, Krystal’s hard work and focus earned her numerous awards in performance and productivity. She prides herself in working hard for her customers and establishing relationships that instill trust and confidence in her and in the JTS & Co. team. Kiondra McNeal Marketing Executive / Social Media Manager Kiondra is a Mississippi State Alum with a B. A. in Public Relations. ​ During her free time she enjoys being creative, sports, hikes, games or sleeping. She likes to go to the beach whenever she can and loves dogs more than food. ​ JTS & Co. is Kiondra's first job in her profession, and she has been with the business since late February 2020. ​ Kiondra's goal while working for JTS & Co. is to use her creativity and the skills she acquired while studying for her degree to help expand the JTS & Co. family through the company's social media and internet presence. ​ Her first major task was to rebuild and design the company's online and mobile websites. Tori Farnham Receptionist Tori was born in Columbus, MS and graduated from Heritage Academy in 2018. She is a Sophomore at East Mississippi Community and studying to be an Elementary School Teacher. In Fall semester of 2020, she will attend the Mississippi University for Women. Her hobbies include painting and spending time with friends and family! ​ This is Tori's first year working for JTS & Co. She is working as the part time Receptionist while attending school. Her goal while working for the business is to be a smiling face and a helping hand to others. Melissa Staten Quality Control/Compliance Manager Melissa has lived in Columbus for 37 years and is married with one daughter and four grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, reading, camping, and music. Melissa is the Quality Control ( )/Compliance Manager for JTS & Co. and has been with us since 2007. She has over 30 years of experience in Mortgage Lending, Compliance, Mortgage Closings, Post Closings, Consumer Lending and Systems Administration. QC

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    VA LOANS As a proud supporter of our military and their families, JTS & Co. has a dedicated team to better serve the mortgage needs of our Veterans.Through the VA home loan program, JTS & Co. offers the Veterans in Mississippi and Alabama a LOCAL,TRUSTED and EXPERIENCED option for your mortgage WHAT ARE LOANS? VA loans help service members, veterans and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners. VA ​ As part of our mission, & Co. provides a home loan benefit and other housing-related programs to help you buy, build, repair, retain or adapt a home for your own personal occupancy. JTS Pre-Qualify Click Icon FEATURES: Financing for qualified veterans, reservists, active duty personnel or eligible family members Available in a variety of loan options Has low and no-down payment options Allows closing costs to come from a gift, grant or paid by the seller (with limitations) Fixed rate capability No Monthly Mortgage Insurance Can be used to purchase or refinance Interest Rate Reduction (IRRL) ability to refinance your existing VA loan Pre-Qualify Click Icon

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