VA Home Loans

What are VA Loans?

VA Loans

You've served your country. Now, you are preparing to move on to the next phase of your life. One of the best ways to do that is by purchasing a home of your own.

As a veteran, you can apply for a VA home loan. Mississippi is proud to say we are home to many veterans of the US Armed Forces. If you are a veteran, you should pre -qualify for a Mississippi VA loan.

If you need help, look no further than JTS & Co. We are your mortgage providers for every type of home loan, including a VA housing loan. You can use a VA loan to purchase a new home or refinance your current mortgage. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) guarantees all loans specified as VA loans.

As a proud supporter of our military and their families, JTS & Co. has a dedicated team to better serve the mortgage needs of our Veterans.Through the VA home loan program, JTS & Co. offers the Veterans in Mississippi and Alabama a LOCAL,TRUSTED and EXPERIENCED option for your mortgage.

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    What You Should Know About a VA Loan

    The VA does not create the loans. They guarantee these types of loans from traditional lenders to veterans. When you contact our mortgage professionals, we will speak with you not only about a VA mortgage loan, but all the additional benefits and lower rates that go along with VA loans.

    There are many benefits to acquiring home loans for veterans:

    • There is no down payment required.

    • There is no private mortgage insurance, aka PMI. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars.

    • Your credit score does not necessarily need to be high. Although the higher it is the better.

    • You may not be responsible for paying all closing costs. This is an excellent help for veterans who find themselves short on cash just home from military service. It is optional for sellers to pay all closing cost instead of saying they are not responsible for them.

    • You will have your choice of different loan repayment arrangements.

    Requirements for applying for a VA home loan include:

    • You must be an American citizen.

    • You must have served in the US Armed Forces.

    • Your service time must be 90 consecutive days of active duty.

    • Your discharge cannot be dishonorable.

    • Your credit score should be 620 at minimum.

    VA loan eligibility varies depending on your service status. Almost all veterans, active military, and spouses of deceased military members are eligible. Veterans are eligible immediately as long as all service requirements have been met. 

    The Servicemen's Readjustment Act was specifically passed to provide benefits to veterans, active military, and their surviving spouses. At JTS & Co., we are proud to offer VA loans to veterans and active military who reside in Mississippi.

    Make Your Dreams Come True with a VA Housing Loan

    If you qualify for these few requirements, then it is a good time to contact JTS & Co. One of the most important aspects of your VA loan will be the interest rate. You can shop around for the lowest rate, or you can contact our mortgage specialists who will attain your lowest mortgage interest rate.

    We want all the veterans we work with to achieve their homeownership goals. If you have shopped around with other VA loan lenders and do not like what you hear, contact us today. We have a variety of VA loans at low-interest rates just waiting for you to explore. Your VA loan should be easy to apply for or refinance, and easy to qualify for as well. Lower your monthly payment or start anew with a VA loan today, JTS & Co. can show you how.

    The JTS & Co. Mortgage Payment Calculator factors in your fees to give you a more precise payment estimate.